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Wiener Melange is now also available as orchid …

The opening of the 12th International Orchid Show in the Hirschstetten flower gardens was a great success for the Vienna Orchid Society. Mayor Dr. Michael Ludwig christened a orchid from grower Giselher Cramer “Wiener Melange” and took a “private” tour of the wonderful exhibition. Numerous guests of honour from the City of Vienna-Vienna Stadtgärten, the Federal Gardens of Austria, the district of Donaustadt, the German, Austrian and Hungarian Orchid Society, the Botanical University of Brno & Vienna, the HBLFA Schönbrunn, the School of Horticulture and Floristry in Kagran and “last but not least” the Vienna Orchid Society made this evening a special experience.


The showcase of the Vienna Orchid Society (WOG) won a gold medal in the evaluation according to DOG guidelines and the showcase of the WOG is decorated with a silver medal. We are already pleased about the 8,396 visitors and the many great feedbacks.  Many thanks!

Come by and immerse yourself in the world of exotic flower diversity – our exhibition is open until 1.3.2020.
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